VPN with OpenVPN: NSLU2 (Linux) and Windows

17 giugno, 2008

This is a technical topic.. And my first English topic!

I achieved a VPN between my Linksys NSLU2 device (Linux Unslug) and my laptop powered by Windows XP! I found some free how to on Internet and now it works!

I’ve followed these 2 guides:

NSLU2 OpenVPN Server

OpenVPN HowTo

It’s amazing how this Linksys device can do now I’m using it as:
– OpenVPN Server
– FTP Server
– OpenSSH Connections
– NFS Mounting

Next objectives are:
– Mail Server
– Media Server



Libri Linux

25 gennaio, 2008

Segnalo questo ottimo lavoro (scoperto per caso) fatto dal blogger Nicopi. In questo post ha raccolto dei link per scaricarsi gratis oltre 60 libri per imparare a usare Linux.